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I love Fantastic Fest. It is a film festival that was spawned, plucked and groomed by folks that live and breathe film. It is a festival fo the film fan. I have found my groove this year and am enjoying the opportunities. And now on top of all the wonderful films, surprise talent, there is a new hangout brought to us by the fine Alamo folks called the HIGHBALL. A hop and a jump from the theater, it is a bowlingalley/disco/kareoke/bar and gathering place. Genius.
Soloman Kane. That title is strong. Brutal. Ultra-violent, Unapoligetically so.
Awesome it was. By the end you will want more, I did. The title character is new to me, James Purefoy, but he was so good, I guarantee we will see more of him. Kane’s world is harsh and the film leaves you with that cold and rough feeling. It never stopped fucking snowing! An action/adventure flick that does not slow down. If you want action & adventure this is the one! Still no release date yet.

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