Stand With Russ! Photos from the Continental Club

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Thanks to everyone making the Stand With Russ Benefits an astounding success! Major thanks to Antone’s and the Continental Club for letting Russ take over prime time weekend nights. Thanks to every musician gracing the stage and giving the crowds great music and a fun time. Thanks to multiple KUTX DJs for getting the word out on air, and thanks to the Austin Chronicle for hyping it in print, and thanks to AIRSHP for the cool posters to put in print. Thanks to all the sponsors and the folks donating items for the silent auctions. Thanks to anyone and everyone for organizing the event or donating time or spreading the word or telling a friend. There was something in the air Friday night with all of this coming together in a special way. If any one of you hadn’t done your part, no matter big or small, who knows if the fundraising goal would have been reached. A final thanks to everyone who’s ever rolled with Russ or pushed his chair or danced with him in the front row. “Whooooooooooo!”

The benefit at the Continental Club was a great night night of music. The first act was billed as the Matt Hubbard Trio but expanded into “Matt Hubbard & Friends” with several folks on stage. Alejandro Escovedo played favorites from his deep songbook and gave them a fresh spin via a unique four-piece band lineup featuring Rosie Flores shredding on guitar all night, Del Castillo member Albert Besteiro thumping on bass, and with drum duties anchored by Hector Munoz aka the Benicio Del Toro of rock-n-roll. The Greyhounds set turned into “Greyhounds & Friends” joined by some of Golden Dawn Arkestra in their out-of-disguise personas, and South Austin cowboy Samuel Grey Horse singing a song. Late night, DeadEye capped it all off with a set of highly danceable and energetic music.

The man and his baby blue tux!
Nataschia Dean handling emcee duties. Several musicians wrote words of tribute to Russ, and were read to the crowd as a toast to Russ.
Matt Hubbard and Friends
Matt Hubbard
Josh Perdue
Robb Kidd & John Speice
Samuel Grey Horse with The Greyhounds
Andrew Trube of The Greyhounds
Anthony Farrell of The Greyhounds
Keys behind the head Hendrix style
Alejandro Escovedo & Rosie Flores
The end of the show

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  1. Jon hershey

    Can I repost the “end of the show” pic? It shows me a split second after Alejandro gave me his pick. (black baseball cap)

  2. Eric Swanson

    Go for it!