Upcoming Benefit Shows

Aug 25th at Antone’s
with BROWNOUT!, Money Chicha, Guy Forsyth Band, Willie Pipkin, Greg Izor & Surprise Guests all night long…

Aug 31st at Continental Club
with Matt Hubbard Trio, Alejandro Escovedo, Greyhounds, Deadeye w/ special guests

Russ Hartman needs your help to fund his new electric wheelchair!  This new chair would allow him to stand up and wheel himself around electronically, aiding him as he strives to be more independent.  After testing the chair out for himself, he checked with his insurance to see if they could help.  They might be able to cover a portion of the cost, but unfortunately not enough of it.  So, now we’re reaching out to all of you to see if we can raise the rest of the funds to get him in the new chair.

To tell you a little about Russ, he’s played a major part  in shaping Austin into the community that it is today.  As editor of the Austin Daze, he’s dedicated himself to showcasing and promoting local art in all forms.  He’s made it his mission to not only unite people from all walks of art, but to bring the Austin community closer together as a whole.  Most importantly, he’s been a great friend and inspiration to all of us around town.

Aside from his honorary band member status in so many local bands, Russ has helped a ton of great artists get their start on the roads they walk today.  With each interview conducted, issue printed, gig booked, and event covered, Russ has done everything with one major thing on his mind, building the surrounding local community and making sure everyone’s having the best time that they can at the best gigs in town.

Those who know Russ well, know about his addictively positive attitude that he exudes each day no matter what’s thrown his way.  He’s combined that attitude with a fiercely independent spirit and incredibly strong drive to create his family (every one of you!) here in Austin.


We now have an opportunity to help Russ out and get him cruising in one of the most badass wheelchairs ever!  Check out the video at the top of the page to see the test drive in action.  This chair not only allows him to stand up and stretch his legs out, but he’ll also become more mobile and will be able to wheel around standing up!

It’d be awesome if we could all band together and help raise the funds to make this chair a reality for him! Your help mean so much and anything that you could give is very much appreciated!   There also will be a benefit show(s) coming, so be on the lookout and be sure to come out and support.  All funds raised will go directly toward Russ’s new wheelchair, allowing him to get around more easily, independently and efficiently.  You’ll be seeing Russ at all of his favorite clubs around town, dancing in his new chair.

Thank you to everyone for your contributions!