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-The Strip Cult is a rock theater show that starts with sleazy 1960’s go go dancing and turns into an acid trip with Charlie Manson. I wrote the music and script, and we have performed at the Hideout Theater and the Parish. Now the new version of the show will premiere at Ruta Maya on Thursday June 19th.

Where did idea come from and how did you do research?
I have been studying Charles Manson for years, and have listened closely to all of the unedited jailhouse interviews. Manson remains a deeply important revolutionary and philosopher, with a strong message for America in these End Times. There was a point back in the late Sixties
when people clearly saw where we were headed if we didn’t change our ways. Now that we are well into the collapse of the American Empire it is interesting to take another look at those prophets of doom.

What can we expect on thurs? I don’t think I have ever seen these descriptions together- sex starved love kittens & rivers of gore. My interest is solid.
On Thursday night the audience will see beautiful young girls grinding it out to stripper blues. They will see psychotropic visions created by the best lightshow artists in Austin. And they will be introduced to an uncanny recreation of the real spirit of Charles Manson. Plus two other great psychedelic bands (The Strange Attractors and The Daze).

And it’s only 8 bucks.

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  1. S.

    I think that is the biggest load of shit I’ve ever read. Charles Manson is not a folk hero. There’s not one bit of difference between him and the guy that shot John Lennon. Is David Chapman a folk hero? They are both insane psychopaths except David Chapman killed one person and Manson was responsible for how many? They’re still looking for bodies out in the desert.

    Gutting Sharon Tate of her unborn baby was not a counter revolutionary protest. It was homicidal mania. And when the police caught up with him where was Charlie? Hiding in a closet. Yeah, that’s “taking a strong stand when America was in a time of change.”

    The people Manson was responsible for killing were real people with moms and dads and kids, not cardboard cutouts you shine the strobe light on while you cue up Jimi Hendrix playing “All Along the Watchtower.”