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Brunch is my favorite for two reasons. One, it’s a great excuse to get drunk during the day and still get to bed early.  Reason number two is for the cheap and delicious food.  This is why I have decided to tour the city of Austin for the perfect brunch.

Brunch #1 Somnios Café

Somnios Café is a new “slow food” café on south first.  “Slow food,” according to slowfoodusa.org, is a “global, grassroots movement with a commitment to community and the environment.”   Besides feeling good about where your food is coming from, you can also rejoice at the food and bevie prices.  Everything on the menu is between 5-6 dollars.  I splurged and got the special ($9) that was an incredible shrimp chipotle migas plate covered in goat cheese.  Delicious! The corn tortillas, I wrapped my decadent migas in, were softer than any I’ve ever had.  One of my 6 comrades got the Buckwheat Pancakes, which are cooked with apples and cinnamon inside the pancake and served with syrup, cinnamon, and sour cream.  If you like thin pancakes like I do, they are the best pancakes served in South Austin.  No Joke!  To top the whole thing off, Somnios Café has a beautiful colorful ambience and a BYOL (bring you own liquor) policy.  Their setups are only $2 a piece and yummy. I’ve never had a better kick off to Sunday Funday!  I highly recommend it.collague

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