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STAX RECoRDS Night at the Victory Grill May 9th 2008
Leading up to this event, I knew I would dig it. I didn’t expect to be blown away.
Here is what I knew:
1. The folks behind “The Tom Waits Peepshow” were behind this. And while I never made it in to see the show, I did spend much time watching the rehearsal at The old daze compound. The buzz was electric around this show. I am friends with the choreographer (Ellen) and brighten up when I see her. So that was enough to seal me in.
2. It was to take place at the Victory Grill. This is old school “eastside” Austin. It is so great that such a place still thrives amongst the beautification or yupification of the east side.
3. Stax Records, me dig tha sounds.
4. Many babes were involved.

Ok, all of this got me there. We arrived and it was packed. Overflowing out the side door, I saw faces from way back and talked with folks as we had seen each other just the other day, when in reality it had been a good three years for most and five for some. I had a good time reconnecting or even just revisiting connections that still exist.

On the inside, I made my way through the packed and jiving bodies like Moses. I perched just above the dance floor. Hot was an understatement. The sexy grooves from the stage and dance floor began to take hold. The cool sweat poured out full of soul. The room was cool baby. Sure it was hot but the coolness of the vibe kept us all in the place. I could feel the room appreciating the gig.
“SHAFT” gave way to Otis and I was fully into the ride. I saw and shared in smiles with more friends of new and old. I didn’t want it to end. The music was tight to say the least. The show was just right on.
If I am able to do it, this event, cast and show will re-emerge later in the summer down south. Wherever this show does emerge, I recommend it. Expect an interview with the folks behind this event in the next issue. Oh yes it is coming.

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  1. Kenny

    Who was the Band?!? I was at the show, T-Bird and the Breaks were by far the best part………….no mention of “T-Bird and the Breaks” in the blog. WTF

  2. Russ

    expect another blog from another daze writer that was there, at least i do. This is the beauty of the comment thing. thanks fer the words.


  3. Daisy Riprock

    How did I miss this? Will there be another?