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1120 2

Five days from now my feet will hurt, my legs will be sore, I will have logged many miles on foot, I will have eaten much popcorn, laughed, cried, numerous times, sat in wonder, been shocked, surprised, grown exasperated at the difficulty in parking or hailing a cab, eaten on the run, met new friends, seen old ones, been profoundly moved, been enlightened, been let down, murderous, not gotten much sleep, mind a tangled blur, the pillow my friend at the end of each day. I will be buzzed.
Tomorrow starts the whole shebang.
Consider my ass at the ready. Primed. Pumped.

I will be filing shit every day, the good, the bad, the ugly.
Tell me shit. This ain’t no one way conversation dealeebob. Hell no. Speak yo’ mind if you dare, if you care, if you have half a wit.
I’ll be lettin’ it fly, on the fly.
then then.
Stay tuned.
Tomorrow is a new day.
Ooga Booga.

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  1. Christine

    ooga booga indeed

  2. Russ

    Really enjoyed “I love you man.” The cast was incredible. Many laugh out loud moments. Many as in many many.
    Next was the exterminaters. Well done. Not as great or as polished. Interesting and shot in Austin. Heather Graham was enough to keep me tuned in.
    2 down for the first day