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wicker kittensHave you ever been interested in competitive puzzling or did you even know it exists? Well it does, and although it might seem┬álike a puzzling topic for a documentary, Wicker Kittens is one of the most adorable documentaries I’ve ever seen.

Wicker Kittens follows around four different teams of four (three challenger teams and one winning team) preparing for the worlds largest annual Jigsaw Puzzle competition in St. Paul, Minnesota. Wicker Kittens explores the nerdiest side of the Jigsaw puzzlers and their meditative sport. From the different personal effects of some of the players (puzzle piece jewelry, ottomans, vanity plates, coasters, etc.) to each teams differing strategies, Wicker Kittens will make you smile as a heartwarming tale. Sometimes it’s nice to have a light documentary, like other nerdy documentaries, Wordplay and King of Kong, Wicker Kittens will attract all types of audiences. With the competitions only lasting 20-40 minutes in length, it’s impressive watching people put together 5,000 piece puzzles in a matter of minutes.

Even if you don’t really care for puzzles or their fans, you will most definitely be a fan of Wicker Kittens. Get out and see this when it comes to a theater near you.


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