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The swath of filmfesters has descended upon the city once again and my impression is that they will not be left wanting. The diversity and quality of films this year is impressive, and somewhat daunting. Jugling the schedule and the locations is an art in and of itself. I began with a plan, but as the old saying goes “plans suck!” so out the window with that and into the beautiful world of, as Russ says, “Go with the flow, man!”

OK, movies so far: The Old Thieves, a documentary on Robyn Hood style thieves in Mexico during the 1960s. The film is in spanish with english, sometimes broken english, subtitles. Interviews with the thieves, each in prison serving thier debt, interspersed with archive footage of Mexico City during the 1960s drive the film with a rhythmic beat that draws one in. Centered around the thief “El Carrizos(the skinny one)” the story of these men unfolds as a classic noble thief story with fantastic feats of slick pickpockets, and the grand robbery of the President of Mexico’s home. Where the cohesiveness of the films editing falters at times making one wonder in what direction the film is going, the characters, footage, and stories are engaging. Check it out!

Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanimo Bay. What can I say, I loved the first film for its whimsical and unexpected turns around each corner and love this one even more for its clever story twists and funny as hell situational comedy. The audience at the filled to capacity Paramount was not disappointed. Crowds waited for several hours in lines around the block to see the film. This chapter in the life of Harold and Kumar takes place immediately following the end of the last film as the two are getting ready to fly to Amsterdam to chase Harold’s love interest. The openning montage sets the tone by firmly establishing the comedic direction the film will take, yet there are surprises around every corner unveiling a political commentary on todays society and current events?! Could it be? Yes, through witty, even compelling,… ok lets not get too serious here, it is Harold and Kumar, so smoke up and check it out, dude! Its awesome!

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