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Wood & Wire

We spent the first couple hours at one of my favorite clubs, the Continental Club, and were treated to some really good tunes. One of my favorite things about SXSW is that sometimes the lineups are just incredible. There are things that you would not see on a normal basis. For example, last night Wood & Wire opened for the Peterson Brothers. Wood & Wire is one of my favorite bands. They are a band that usually only play big venues or festivals so just seeing them up close at the Contintental Club was a real treat. It was early enough to be able to get in without a line. We just loved the Peterson Brothers. I do not know them that well, but I am now a complete fan.

We then skated over to the Sahara Lounge to continue our musical experience.

Wood & Wire SXSW
The Peterson Brothers SXSW
The Peterson Brothers


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