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imagesThis is Mike Judge’s newest project for television. This time it’s on HBO and not animated. Imagine that Entourage had an unpopular baby with Bill Gates, and that pretty much makes up the improvisational studded cast for Silicon Valley. I had the pleasure of viewing the world premiere of the first two episodes during SXSW and watching some of the cast members, along with Mike Judge, do a little Q&A afterward (it was more like watching “improv” between the cast).

Not to give too much away regarding the funnies, but the first scene opens up to show Kid Rock performing, just to zoom out and show an empty backyard of some millionaire’s house party (It’s always fun to rip on that guy). Richard (Thomas Middleditch; The Campaign) and his friends are at the party talking about how they haven’t hit it rich and generally complaining about all of the hacks they’re surrounded by. Richard lives in a house with his programming friends, Big Head (Josh Brener), Dinesh (Kumail Nanjiani), Gilfoyle (Martin Starr from Freaks and Geeks, Party Down), & the ridiculous Erlich (T.J. Miller).

Richard and Big Head work at Hooli, a company that emulates the likes of startups and much larger tech companies (Google), As you might expect, Hooli looks and feels like a new age tech company with bike meetings and a CEO who has a meditative consultant. Richard has been working on a piece of software that he wants to get out to the world and after sending it to his uninterested coworkers, who initially shrug off his antiquated music software, they soon realize he has created an algorithm that compresses files without any information loss. Hooli now becomes increasingly invested in Richard’s potentially valuable software and he has to make a potentially life changing decision on who to share/give his company to.

The ensemble cast really runs the operating system in this show. I’m still not sure if it will sink or swim with audiences, but T.J. Miller and Martin Starr are pretty hilarious. Lets just see if there is enough momentum and fresh story-lines that can be created about an industry that can be dry or over most peoples heads. Silicon I think nerds will revel in the quip-y nerd-um that is Silicon Valley. ┬áThe show premieres on HBO on April 6th.

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