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Kinda quiet, soft and ultra slow. I kept waiting for something more. That said, I can’t bring myself to give this film a bad review. You see, I love Italian cinema,  especially that of the late 60’s and 70’s.  Westerns, mafia, crime thrillers and even horror  films – they all just have that   edge  that  we could never get here in the states.  I AM GRATEFUL   FOR  THE LIGHT OF THE QT FESTS!  Once I learned to look beyond what strikes me as cheezy and see the film and what is being expressed, I can really dig so much more.

Anywaze, this flick feels like it came from that magic time of  cinema.  Some of  the elements are weak, yes.  That is made up for with the female leads. The main character’s love interest is so hot. And I mean that in all the right ways. Why do I not live in Italy and know this lady? Clooney is in it too.  He does a good job.

Yesterday, my reviewer and I saw this. Normally, once the lights come up, we dissect the elements and butcher or praise what is left.  He brought up the soundtrack or lack there of. Honestly, I didn’t notice. It was slow, but again I wasn’t particularly bothered. We talked about  the beauty of  the actress for  awhile and that was it. We are both graduates of multiple QT FESTS and dig and appreciate this genre of  cinema. So, we are biased, I guess. So, now the question is how to be a critic here. As far as mainstream goes, I really have no idea, as I usually never get the mainstream fodder. If you dig old-school Italian Cinema, Italian directors and Italian actresses like I do, you will dig this flick.

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