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The Burger Situation:
An M.O. Entreaty

Okay, here’s the deal… my life has been spent in the pursuit of excellence on many levels, not the least of which is gastronomic splendiferousness. Today is no exception. However, today I’m in search of something specific, something arguably ambiguous, yet, in my mind, very specific. Today, my quest is simple. I must find the most get down burger in Austin (or surrounding areas), and nothing less will do!
In my checkerboard, brawlcrawling existence I’ve sampled some of -what I consider-the best burgs to ever pass between two lips. If you’ve not had a full on double meat, cheese, bacon and egg Fat Burger with chili fries in Hollywood on LaCienega around 3am when the patrons are a highly volatile and mixed lot, or to Port of Call on Esplanade off the edge of the French Quarter in New Orleans and slammed down a half pound mushroom cheeseburger with a loaded baked potato after a night of getting your yaya’s out, then you’ve not yet lived, my friend Simple as that. If not, do yourself a favor and hit those two before you cack. Snag a chocolate milkshake with those puppies, too, you’ll thank me in absentia.
But no, my challenge to you today, dear reader, is to assist me in rooting out the very best burgers Austin has to offer. My quest.
Righteous groceries are always the bottom line in my book, but in this case, since one seems to be synonymous with the other, if there is some ‘scoscious atmosphere that needs to be sopped up with the burg, too, then fine, so be it, by all means, let ‘er rip! Also, am big into alternative meat burgs, too, whether it be ostrich, or turkey, or any wild game. Hell, vegetarian, too, if the taste and texture is backyard righteous. I’m game! (sorry)
So, if you would be so kind, dear reader, commit to sharing the wealth and submit your fave raves with an accompanying short explanation “why” to magnusopus@austindaze.com, and I shall endeavor to get down with the get down, give you the skinny on what I done rooted up when I done done it.
Submit… now. My taste buds await! And you, dear reader, will again, be the beneficiary of my ongoing culinary intrigue.
Y tan va.

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  1. SUSIE Q

    try the sirloin cheesburger at hyde park grill

  2. Daisy Riprock

    I like the Hills Cafe Burger…

  3. chappy

    Casino El Camino!

  4. Bosco

    Go with the Jardan (sp) at Phills it is the best I hav had in Austin and the half and half sewwt potato and regular fries are great amazing shakes as well

  5. Beth Mahoney (Elizabeth)

    We like the 1/2 lb medium rare cheddar cheese angus burger at The Saltgrass on 183, near the Arboretum. I get extra pickles and a side salad while my husband likes his with grilled onions and fries (skin on). The meat is so good, however, you could eat it with nothing on it.