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To break “upperer” all the sci-fi and horror flicks I’ve been catching this year, I went in blindly to The Breaker Upperers and what a great time I had. Someone in the Q&A was labeling it as a rom com, but to me it’s obviously a buddy (cop-ish) comedy. Written/directed and starring Jackie Van Beek (as Jen) and Madeleine Sami (as Mel), these two out of New Zealand squeezed out a nice gem onto the screen with plenty of laugh out loud moments and excellent chemistry.

Mel and Jen, best friends til the end, run an agency that helps one partner in a monogamous relationship weasel out of said relationship without actually breaking up with their partner. Pretty brilliant for cowards and the apathetic. Like faking ones death or getting caught “cheating”. When Mel has a slight change of heart about their line of business by befriending one of their clients and even dating another client, Jen and Mel’s relationship starts to go the way of the Dodo.

Just a really fun movie to get caught up in for an hour and a half. Smart writing and a lot of jokes that are satisfyingly soft-balled in or throwaways. This kind of wit is comparable to What We Do in The Shadows, which both Jackie Van beek and Madeleine Sami are in. These two are friends in real life as well as on the screen, so I think that may have a part in why their chemistry works so well onscreen. Good work on this one indeed.




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