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I really was excited to  see this film. At best, that is an understatement. I love the first one,”BATMAN BEGINS.” Christopher Nolan and crew re-created the world of batman. They made it a bit more realistic and dramatic. One could even  feel a  serious tone. The cheese was gone. Consequences now  existed within the tale. The follow up, “THE DARK KNIGHT,” was amazing on every level. I remember exiting  the Bob Bullock IMAX years ago, with a friend,  comparing “TDK” with “THE GODFATHER.” The comic book  movie world was put on its head. There was a new level for comic book features to aspire to. Every part of “TDK”   was awesome.  I have re-watched them both many times and they hold up.
This new film is weak in comparison . It asks us (or even forces) us to forget many of  the character’s motivations  that have  been  established, so  we can go on this new adventure. THAT JUST SUCKS… Many of the subplots feel  contrived and go nowhere.  I slept on this review, so  i could be nicer, but wound up  more pissed off. Trying  to be spoiler free is hard. Much was lost from the last film and cheese was added. It seems as if Nolan lost interest in the story he had envisioned.  Nothing could have kept me from seeing this  flick.  Just  remember that  it is on a different   level than its predecessors. This    needs to be  seen in an IMAX  THEATER. I Wish  we  all would have  let Nolan stop  at  two ….. ALL THAT SAID, IT IS JUST A MOVIE…..DON’T EXPECT TOO MUCH AND HAVE FUN……

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  1. Aaron

    I agree with you mostly. I did enjoy the film, i feel that the ending was a good way to go out but i feel as if Chris was trying to put to much into one movie. It seems rushed and even the last fight seen with bane when he was punching the beam was poorly edited. This should have been 2 movies with more clear plotting. But still it was enjoyable i give it a 3.5 / 5

  2. thom

    i loved this one so much i sat through it all day @Barton Creek Cinema-first in IMAX and then in ordinary-catching the nuances of script,character(several of whom were new),set piece visual effects
    and clash of values.Australian directors add much to American comic book genres-and Christopher Nolan has succeeded on so many levels.
    I will see this again..and again-Thanks!(Chris)

  3. Brendan

    It’s the trilogy blues,a syndrome that few franchises escape.that being said,i will also say that this movie was as good as i hoped it would be…but no more,no less.it’s exactly the movie i expected to see if it was as good as a third film in the trilogy could be.i went in hoping it would be good,but expecting disaster.i think nolan pulled it off…it does feel hurried and it could have stood for another hour run time,but to say a 2 1/2 hr film feels hurried says a lot about the content of the film.it almost got away from itself a couple of times,but nolan held on.

  4. Mike

    Christopher Nolan has dual British/American nationality. He is not Australian.