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I walked into The Honor Farm expecting something creepy and thrilling. That will teach me to have any expectations. Either there was intentional misdirection about how The Honor Farm was going to shake out, or it never knew from the beginning.

The film is really just a story about high-school kids ditching out of prom to go take mushrooms and head out to an abandoned and supposedly haunted hospital. With a super short run time under 80 minutes, I did find myself flitting between my watch and the big screen wondering if I had missed the movement of the plot.

The acting, editing, and direction were all fine with many nice shots from Austin’s greenbelt, but it felt like I was watching an unfinished Richard Linklater film with a lot of waxing philosophy coming out of unrealistic teenagers’ mouths. Yet, there were charming and sentimental moments in The Honor Farm, it just doesn’t quite commit to anything.


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