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Austin Daze had a chance to steal away Rene Coman from The Iguanas to answer some questions about life after Katrina and their new album.

Interview by Rosie Gomez.

AUSTIN DAZE: Was it good to be back in Austin for SXSW?

RENE COMAN: It was great to get back and see all our Austin friends. People there have always been so nice to us. Nice to see some hills.

AD: Anything you’re particularly looking forward to?

RC: I’m looking forward to eating some good Mexican food and hearing some new music.

AD: You guys have a really unique sound mixing Latin, Rock, and R&B.  What inspires this mix in your music?

RC: I think we just have a sense about what works for us. We started out in one place, and we added to it bit by bit, feeling it out as we went. The central thread is the collective personality of the group.

AD: Judging by the message board on your web site it seems like you all have a really personal relationship with your fans.  Can you feel the love?

RC: We feel it. And it feels good.

AD: Your latest album “If You Should Ever Fall on Hard Times” has a lot to do with the effect Hurricane Katrina had on your hometown and families.  Is this album closer to your heart than previous albums?

RC: You love all your children, just in different ways. This new music is an excellent addition to the Iguanas canon.

AD: Have you all recovered from the storm?

RC: I think we’ve recovered about as much as we are going to any time soon. The easier parts have been done. The rest may take a while.

AD: What’s next for the Iguanas?

RC: If anything, the last few years have proven that you never know what’s around the next corner. One thing I know is we’ll be playing music. Keep an ear out for us.

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