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I’ve been following the onging developments with dying hives of bees nationwide ever since the stories began appearing on Internet news. So, to put a face on the people who are directly dealing with this tragedy was fascinating.
We have three different individuals, a young woman whose father was a beekeeper, but tragically drowned in a rip tide while she survived it. Out of a bit of guilt, she takes over the family business. Yet another is a full on rump rider whose life is totally devoted to his bees, and his partner in life and in business is more than a bit chagrined he’s playing second fiddle. Then there’s a young man who is facing the end of his rope, and his wife is way nervous, yet supportive… well, sort of.
There isn’t a happy ending here, as the bees continue to die at alarming rates. There were many macro shots of bees dying from this mysterious disease and the footage is absolutely heartbreaking. We get to see these awful blood sucking mites marauding these poor bees while others from the hive are desperately helping to try and remove the mite. Their struggles broke my heart. But as I’ve already mentioned, this is a catastrophe that will eventually affect humans, as these bees are used to pollinate all types of food we eat, so their loss will be our loss, too. They estimate bees could become extinct if nothing is found to help their malady by the year 2035. Hard to believe.
But, despite the sadness here, a well told story that humanized the problem. The filmmakers put together a seamless film. The editing was fabulous, and good on the characters, too, for letting the filmmakers into “their world” as openly as they did. And one thing was for certain, with the exception of the young woman, these guys are TOTALLY devoted to their bees. This is love, plain and simple.
A very good documentary, proving again, more and more I enjoy this field of endeavor over the narrative, as the stories are real and engrossing, and even moreso, believable and entertaining. -mo

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