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Much is happening here in Austin Dazeland.

That damn new issue is out there and we have been putting em out there further with each day.Yesterday we were on the distribution trail. Good words were expressed towards the paper at many of our stops. This helps boost our spirits more than they know and keeps us at it after all these years.They are spreading out there..

Last night, we started out at the Alamo Drafthouse South for the Chronicle anniversary party. They screened “Between The Lines,” a comedy/drama about the trials of running an undergroumd newspaper. My God, I was into this. (Need you wonder why?) I wish all of our staff was there. We have to get together and watch this film. Wendy and I glanced at each other and smiled throughout the screening. Much of the interactions/ arguments/jokes on screen, we have had or are having or been a part of. I really enjoyed the film. Once I get through the Film Fest I will find this movie and hold a screening at the office or my house. Thanks to Louis for introducing me to this film.

After that we rushed over to the Paramount for “SHUT UP AND SING.” This was a documentary about the trials the Dixie Chicks have gone through since they spewed out the famous phrase about being ashamed that the president is from Texas. I am ashamed also. The Dixie Chicks have had a hard 3 years because of expressing free speech. People are ignorant, it is really sad and kind of funny but even more so it is embarassing. The country stations didn’t play them because of this. These girls stood their ground against the odds. I have never been a country music fan but these women are worth checking out. All in all this is a movie worth seeing. Can the Weinsteins go wrong?

Back to the Film Fest………………..

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