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Fantastic Fest started with a bang!
Well, TCM The Begining was not really for me. I just am not really into that type of film. Gore AND SUFFERING just turns me off. Don’t you think we get enough of it (the suffering part) ? And I like to see the good guys win. Or they can lose if I like the bad guys. Well, that just was not in the cards.
I do recognize that the film was well done and seeing it with the folks who made it happen was cool. The things we get to do in this town are very cool. At a point in the film, I looked over at the table next to me and there was a chainsaw on it. No doubt at the seat in front of it was Harry Knowles.
I did like the the scene with R.Lee Emery and the draft dodger was over the top. That type of humiliation was a horror movie, itself. For a conselation prize the draft dodger got split by a chainsaw later in the film.
We found the after-party and made it in just as the cops shut down the music and
chainsaw art creation. Here is a picture of the sculpture and the buffet table. Pretty twisted………….




Back tonight for round #2

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  1. Scott

    Nothing says “Autumn in Texas” like blood and guts and chainsaws.