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One thing’s for certain, you gotta know that three women whose ages total over 300 are going to have a few things to say, and boy I wasn’t wrong on that score. This film concentrated on three English women residing at a home for the elderly. The youngest let it be known time and again her distaste for the male species. Another was a walker, a gung ho peace activist who was ready to go to sleep and never wake up. The third was a writer who was a swell dresser, and a very wise woman.
The POV chose to be up close throughout, showing the ravages of age on the body, but it was done with a great degree of taste and certainly left them with their dignity. Beautifully shot. One thing was made clear by all lthe women, however… growing old sucked! They kept reminding the viewer to get out there and live your life to the fullest everyday.
This was a very poignant film and I’m not sure what the filmmaker wanted to impart ultimately, but watching these three sprightly women pontificating and involving themselves in matters that moved them was a total joy. I’m glad I got to know them. -mo

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