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THRILLERFEST 2009 At Austin’s Historic Seaholm Power Plant Saturday, October 24, 2009

FROM  ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE — “Last year, we had 881 zombies join us on the plaza at the Long Center to help set a World Record for the most people dancing Michael Jackson’s Thriller choreography at the same time and place. This year, Mexico City took that record from us with over 13,000 dancers!  We don’t expect to beat Mexico City’s 13,000 (we’re going to try), but we can help “Thrill the World” (www.thrilltheworld.com) take back the record of having the most people all over the world doing the Thriller dance at the exact same time!

For our timezone, that means Austin must start the dance on Saturday, October 24, at 8:00PM exactly.

To make it even more exciting, this year, the proceedings will take place at Austin’s historic Seaholm Power Plant.

A dance lesson for anyone who has not yet learned the dance will begin that day at 5:00PM.  All dancers will join the world-wide THRILLERFEST dance at 8:00pm sharp, then stay for the a special outdoor presentation of the wildly popular Michael Jackson Sing-Along!  A full scale dance party with props, lighting, and everything you’ll need to not stop until you get enough.

Due to the added expense of the venue and afterparty, participatation in this event will cost $15 admission.  Tickets may be purchased in advance on the Alamo Drafthouse website (www.originalalamo.com)

Because we want to make sure that Austin is the BEST performance in the world, there are also several other lessons happening before the big day. Those lessons are all 100% free, and you can choose to learn at either the Highball (1142 South Lamar Blvd) or BodyBusiness (2700 W Anderson Lane).

The schedule of Thriller dance lessons at The Highball is as follows:

Monday, October 12 – 7pm
Tuesday, October 13 – 7pm
Saturday, October 17 – 2pm
Sunday, October 18 – 2pm
Tuesday, October 20 – 7pm
Wednesday, October 21 – 7pm
Saturday, October 24 – 11am

Feel free to come out to just one lesson or come back to each and every one and keep rehearsing with us. All of the lessons will be absolutely free, but you should expect to have it down after one or two full lessons. Each lesson will last between two to three hours.

You can start learning up north if you join up with the class at BodyBusiness, which is on Anderson Lane facing the Alamo Village across the parking lot. Their schedule is as follows:
October 16th & 23rd @ 5:30pm
October 9th & 23rd @ 10:30am
You don’t need to be a member of the gym to participate, and you can sign up at the front desk or by calling 459-9424.

Please help spread the word.  Let’s show the World how to Thrill.


Brad Parrett

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  1. Shawna

    I will be there to perform Thriller!

    Galaxy Dance Studios at 1700 S. Lamar is teaching Thriller every Thursday at 6pm. I will invite our crowd to participate.

    Galaxy Gala Gal

  2. diana

    Not sure you have the time correct for this event. The web site for Thrill the World says that the Houston dance must start at 7:30 pm. Austin must be the same.
    (see http://www.thrilltheworld.com/events/info/thrill_the_world_2009)

    Do you also have info re: registration time, final practice time, etc? I can’t find anything else about it on the web, the gacebook page says “more info soon”, and the official Austin web site has been spammed. It would be great if you could be our info source on this one!

    THX – dp

  3. Steve

    I spent weeks learning the Thriller dance at my gym. I mainly did it for the aerobic exercise benefit. However, I *DID* have plans to attend the 2009 Thrillerfest event and help Austin break the world record. When I discovered that Alamo had taken it over and was going to charge $15 per person, I knew there would be many who would have otherwise gone but would not attend because of the money. We’re in a recession because of greed and so Alamo basically usurped the event and let its greed kill any chance that Austin had to set any kind of record. The purpose of the event was overshadowed just so someone could make a buck. What about those that just wanted to dance but had no interest in a Michael Jackson Sing-Along?

  4. cody

    the $15 went towards running the event but most of the proceeds went to scare for the cure, a breast cancer non-profit organization…so the even indeed wasn’t overshadowed. it made it even more awesome.

  5. Fredericka Schulter

    I love Michael Jackson songs [*] 🙁