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An odd little Brit film, a narrative piece that concerns a woefully maldjusted young man who, for all practical purposes, is a quiet unassuming git. That is… until he takes a dislike to you.
This could have been just another serial killer gone wrong movie, but the exception is the lead actor, Peter Ferdinando, who does a marvelous job at bringing to life this stange little man who craves some sort of social interaction, and it matters not what as he tried everything he comes in contact with during his daily travails, which are, for the most part, just mindless wandering.
When watching I was struck by the similarities to a movie I saw some time ago called Henry:Portrait of a Serial Killer. And that, too, was a good movie if you are into taking a peek inside the warped mind.
There is no flash and dash here. No hyperbole. Just a lonely young man who occasionally will kill when people enter his life whom he takes a sudden and swift dislike. No rage. Just swift and calculated murder.
Not for everyone, but eventually worked for me. A no frills, no muss no fuss monster movie.

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