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Review by Texadelic.

It was still hot as hell at 9:30 when Tortoise started at Mohawk and it was close to capacity so it took a second to find a good place to stand. A couple songs in and I found a place
and was able to get into the hypnotic grooves.  Indie, jazz, dub , prog, synthetic, organic – there isn’t a word for Tortoise because they have created such a unique sound and stuck to it for over 15 years. It’s a sound that sucks you in and puts you in a trance, the tight arrangements and jagged turns keep you engaged. Minimalist videos projected behind the band add so much flavor, are so integral to the show, there is a sense that the creator is member of the band, his projector an instrument.

Their unique stage set up was a bit small for the Mohawk stage. They have two drum sets facing each other in the very front and two vibes facing inward on the sides, these were pretty much
blocked from view by the huge speakers and guitar bass and keys in the back.

It’s great watching them switch around to different instruments somehow they manage to do it without it seeming like a schtick.

Occasionally they flirt with the cheese but always jump out just in time and hit you over the head with some dissonance. The crowd was enthralled – obviously all hard core fans. I left during the second encore to go catch the tale end of Roky Erickson at Antone’s.


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