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ts1ts2There has always been a thread of music that stretched from New Orleans through Houston and ends in Austin. I have seen many of the greats from Beau Jacque to Clifton Chennier to Dr. John and the rest thanks to mainly Antones, The Continental Club and various festivals. I have known of Trombone Shorty for a while but always thought of him as a big “regional” act. Not so…that sucker pretty much filled the outside venue on a Sunday night!. Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk opened with a stadium rock like show that blasted through a ts3spirited set that was more hard rock than the funky Cajun soul I expected…mind you it was good, just not as groovy as their set last year at the F1 downtown free ts4music fest. It was cool of them to invite Carlos Sosa and the Grooveline Horns to sit in on the last part of the set. Most people don’t realize how many touring sidemen live in Austin but play at the highest level in stadiums and Festivals all over the world. The crowd loved them from my vantage point up in the VIP section with ” the beautiful people”.                                                                                                                                          Trombone Shorty came out of the Gate at 100 miles per hour. He played and sang his ass off for 1 1/2 hours and made you feel like you really got your money’s worth. He can actually sing which is not always the case with some people…he was also trumpet shorty for a while. Definitely a hard working pro in his prime. Sadly we have lost many great NOLA and Louisiana acts…good to see a fine show like this supported by astute fans. Another night of live music in Austin…Ken Miller

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  1. Cindy J

    Great review Ken. Insightful and entertaining. Keep them coming!