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happy jack

Jack was my friend. He might have been the first guy to talk to me în town.. I remember that he said “Welcome Home,” to me as I entered Ruta maya. I knew then that I was in the right place. I didn’t know anyone yet. He took me under his wing, introduced me to everyone and encouraged me to go to the places where I made the friends that I still have today . The places I still frequent. That was early 99′. I would sit by his sewing machine in that hallway and listen to his stories. They were fantastic. I had a hard time believing some of them , but they all turned out to be true. Everyone knew and loved the guy. For many years I did interviews with all kinds of celebs and many would ask me if I knew Happy Jack. That would always make me smile.

Ruta Maya closed down and moved and there was Jack. I made it out to Kerrville Folk Festival three times because of his stories. He was the king of that festival.

Our lives took different roads for the past eight or  more years and sadly I can’t remember the last time I was with him. I am grateful for the things he taught me and the many friendships that he turned me onto. AuStin lost an old guard today. To know him wAs to love him. I am truly sorry that there are people here that will never hear him say “Happy Day!”

Welcome Home Brother Jack……

Here’s an interview that we did with Happy Jack in 2006:

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