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Hello my friends and welcome to another fun filled issue of the Austin Daze coming at you from the consuming throws of Fantastic Fest and on the brink of ACL. These are very busy days for us and yet nary a complaint. I love this. I mean, would I do it if I didn’t? I’d have to be some kind of maniac. Well, there are some that say I am, some that say they have seen me on rooftops, lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce on…

WAIT…WAIT…WAIT…damn you Fantastic Fest! Damn you! Not only has that little celluloid extravaganza seeped into the very core of my subconscious, infested every orifice, it has also spread its wings, extended its incisors, and ripped the throat out of the competition.

Fantastic Fest isn’t the only talent that goes bump in the night. There was the wildly successful NIKE + HUMAN RACE, and a multitude of artists and musicians, some new and some old, doing their thing. As always we were there to offer support, hash it out, and bring them the best coverage Austin has to offer. As for us? Our path has been laid and we continue to follow it, leaving the naysayers and witty yelps to the wolves.


With the economy in the dumps, the environment in peril and our administration in chaos, we thought now would be a good time to introduce another new feature: The Local Business Feature. Each issue we will feature two businesses that we think are doing a fine job of contributing to Austin’s economy, social fiber, and whatever else makes this place so great. We know there are many to cover so send us your suggestions on who you think we should talk to next. We’re all ears.

In other New Feature news…our website has been redone and let me tell you, that thing can dance. Check out our video interviews and coverage, blogs, and much more happening daily. Like the paper, it contains all the stuff we love and more. Special thanks to Dustin and Evan for making that happen.

So enjoy…get reacquainted with the folks you know, meet the ones you haven’t.

And remember, the next time you here a rustling in the basement take a Daze and a flashlight before you head down the stairs. Monsters like the Austin Daze. It could save your life.

See you again in 71.




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