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spaceballWheels of Wonderland is a  FREE outdoor performance extravaganza based on the works of Lewis Carroll. Presented by the Austin Bike Zoo, featuring performances by Carousel Cabaret, humdrum collective, Jules and Kelsey, The Minor Mishap Marching Band, and The Texas Juggling Society and directed by Rudy Ramirez, the show takes its audience down the rabbit hole of creativity. With lovely costumes, marvelous bikes, and a cast that seems genuinely thrilled to be performing this show it’s hard not to lose yourself in the experience. Ramirez has done a beautiful job staging and cleverly adapting an interpretation of the classic.   Stand out performances by Alice, the Mad Hatter, March Hare, and Door Mouse.

Sun, May 10th @6pm at Republic Square Park

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  1. Russ

    My hat goes off to actress, who plays Alice. Really great performance.
    This is a great representation of why I love this town. Adnist the crunch of the sterile “new downtown,” a production of shining creativity beams from a park right in the middle of the sheen. The art will not flee..