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Woody Allen is getting old!” That was what rushed through my mind during his first on camera scene. Could he still do it?
Within a moment that thought washed away as I became wrapped  up in  the four stories direct from Woody’s playbook. Each one is captivating. Each is a comedic tale of life and love, set in Rome. Hard to  say which is my favorite. The cast is unstoppable and  their chops are molded into perfection. See this one.  I will be seeing it again. This man  is the master.  He has given us another love letter to a place far from NYC. Makes me want to   visit Rome and to sing “the clown opera”  in the shower.

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  1. Fred

    “Great cinema?” No, no way. Very “old hat” and pitiful. Nothing new, nothing clever. Woody’s STILL boringly narcissistic, and that’s ALL that’s going on. Clever but never funny. The only good thing about this movie is the fabulous Penelope Cruz. If not for her alone, this would be one of the worst movies ever made.

  2. Russ

    I LIKED IT. GREAT CINEMA TO ME IS WHAT AFFECTS ME. I LAUGHED OUT LOUD MOST OF THE WAY THROUGH….. roberto bellini shines! i can’t stop thinking about his parts………….