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Bemba Entertainment introduced me to one of my new favorite things; music on a boat on town lake. How long have I been here that I have not had that experience? Kinda strange. I have been invited to  various boat music parties, something has alwaze come up and the idea is forgotten. NOT GONNA MISS ANOTHER ONE. I have been on a canoe on town lake and been on a music boat halloween thing ON LAKE AUSTIN with The Hairy Apes BMX. That was cool, but this is on town lake.  I  pass over  it many times on  normal day. To cruise up and back listening to live music, JESUS, that Is just awesome.

HERE IS HOW IT WENT DOWN.We arrived before takeoff, made our way( with the help   of  some good folks. Gotta love those spiral staircases) up to the full top deck. We chilled,  mingled and made small talk. I  smiled and took in the sceenery. It was a super  hot day,   really unbearable, but when  we got near the water everything changed, It was cool. There was a breeze. It was nice. The band was warming up. It  was the first  time I’ve gotten it together to  dig HARDPROOF AFROBEAT. They kick ass!
I won’t miss an opportunity again. We began to  move.  Jason  Frey (an old  friend and sax man) took the mic,  greeted us  and said:
” we are on  a boat!”
And with that the sun began  to  set and the music began to flow. The deck became an electric dance floor for the next 2+ hours.  We floated west  under the bridges. with  music blaring.   Joggers and walkers dannced TO  THE  BEATS.   We turned back east and rocked out  the bats. We danced and grooved. Twas much  fun.

Bemba  Entertainment is doing this every last  Thursday’s through  September.  I  will update you  on the  next one. Oh yeah, all the drinks   were complimentary on the boat. SUPPORT THESE EVENTS FOLKS. C U ON THE NEXT ONE!

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