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[fa:p:a=72157594267830938,id=235385271,j=r,s=s,l=p]AUSTIN DAZE: How has the Reggae scene changed since you started?

YELLOWMAN: It changed a lot. It changed a lot because most of the Reggae music right now is a different kind of music – not the roots, hard core drum, real music. You understand? What we are trying to do right now, we try to do rhoomba (?), the Reggae in the dance halls. Reggae strayed away from the dance halls because of the new younger artists. But now we are trying to bring it back.

AD: How have you been able to have such a long career? What is your inspiration?

YM: With me, the music and the talent is real. I was born with this. I never practice, I never learn. I was born, I grow, I live with the music. The music that I love is a lifestyle music. Just like Bob Marley and Burning Spear. Decades, decades and decades: still Yellowman, still Bob Marley, still Burning Spear, Sister Nancy – all that music is lifestyle music. That’s the reason why.

AD: What advice would you give an upstart in the music business?

YM: Just do it positive and do it real. Don’t think of it as a business just think of it as a life. It’s your life. You have to be good to the fans, you have to be nice to the promoters – no disrespect. You have to know every music; you have to respect every music. You have to respect every religion. No discrimination against any religion. You have to respect a man’s faith: Rastafari, Catholic, Muslim, Mormon, Buddha – doesn’t matter. Respect.

AD: Tell us about your musical approach and how it has evolved over the years.

YM: I try to let the people relate to my music. For instance, I see things that happen, commercial things — things that are going on now. So that’s how it go with the inspiration of my music. We just keep the music going.

AD: Well thank you. we appreciate the interview.

YM: Ya man. ***


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